Fictional Cookbooks


A Feast of Ice And Fire

The feast table can be treacherous in Westeros, but this GoT cookbook will only bring yummy flavors to your table.

Sopranos Family cookbook

Finally learn what "gabagool" is, and how to cook with it.

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

Fan's of Terry Pratchet's Disc World books will be delighted in her compendium of recipes.

Bob's Burgers Burger book

Whip up something punny. I bet Jimmy Pesto doesn't have a cookbook.

WoW: Official Cookbook

Whether you need to boost your agility or replenish your mana, the official WoW cookbook will have a recipe for it.

An Unexpected Cookbook

Recipes for any hungry hobbit: elevenses or afternoon tea, sweet or savory, meaty or vegan.