Chrandroid? Androme? …What is Google Up To?

Last week, Google nearly broke the internet with leaks about plans to “merge” together Android OS and Chrome OS into a single unified operating system. Many news outlets predicted that Android would be the overall victor in the combination, as it has significantly more users across many more devices. Naturally, fans of Chrome OS and Chromebooks let out a panicked uproar over what could be the death of their beloved web-oriented operating system.

Google has recently spoken out that Chrome OS isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to exist after any announcements. The report, initially released by The Wall Street Journal, suggests that the new operating system will likely debut in 2017, with demonstrations due to come at next year’s Google I/O event.

Perhaps everyone is blowing this out of proportion? Maybe this will be just a small change, feature additions, support for native Android apps within the Chrome operating system? What do you think?

Cheers, Ty

Born and raised in Southern California, Tyler has been designing professionally for over 10 years. A self-proclaimed "jack of all trades", he has spent his twenties traveling the world, producing award-winning photos and videos, starting various companies, meeting and marrying his beautiful wife, and raising their first son.

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