How can one sum up who or what “TYNOLOGY” truly is.

My mind searches for instances, events, stories that can draw a clear picture of myself. The hardest part is that while I love tech, cameras, gadgets, music, food, travel, games, parenting, finance and more… I’m rarely considered “the camera guy” or “the phone guy” or “the Nintendo guy”. I’m all of those.

The Tynology nickname came to be one late 2004 night in a small apartment near my university in Arizona. The Gamecube wasn’t working right. It became a running joke that if something was not working, “Tynology” could fix it in record time. Sure enough, we were back to playing Mario Kart Double Dash before the ice melted in our drinks.

Through incredible life experiences, a robust history in the gaming, tech and music industries, I am able to showcase my unique and trusted perspective on a variety of topics. 



…and many, many more

Back in 2015, I was running a successful media company out of San Diego. As co-owner and creative director, I managed a team of designers to produce print and digital media products with a total distribution of over 200,000.

The following year was when TYNOLOGY was truly born. I began working directly with companies and agencies to produce high quality UGC (user generated content) that gained attention in the new world of “influencer marketing.”

My unique and creative work with content creation continues to this day, collaborating with the world’s largest and most innovative brands and agencies across a variety of industries.

Whether it’s long form video, testimonial content, studio level photography or shorts/reels/tiktoks, I have been able to build up an extensive portfolio of collaborations and look forward to future creative work.

“DADDY!” is a yell heard often throughout the house these days. 

Wrangling two young boys who seem to have taken a few too many of their father’s traits always keeps me on my toes.

On my @tynology social media accounts, you’ll often see the adventures these boys are on throughout the year.

I also works with a lot of kid-focused brands to promote products for kids in the same age as my own (Scholastic, Talking Tom, Nickelodeon & more).

Back in 2006, I was working at Guitar Center near San Diego, California when I got the bright idea to start a band. Within a few months, In Fear and Faith was born.

A primary music writer and producer of the band’s demos, “Voyage” EP, “Your World on Fire” LP, “Imperial” LP and “Symphonies” EP, I used my creative and technical skills to propel the band into success in the post-hardcore/screamo scene.

The group toured all over the world, released multiple albums on Rise Records and continues to influence metal and hardcore listeners and musicians to this day. 

In 2011, after a successful run on Warped Tour, I decided to pursue other interests and expand my creative and business opportunities.

The Pixel Perfect Podcast was originally called the TYCAST. A panel style weekly podcast focused on video games.

When planning for the first episode there was a request for more people that would be ideal for our initial panel. The first panelist to join was a brilliant, beautiful and talented creator & game designer from Montreal named Sally (RetroArcadeParty).

Sally effortlessly stepped into the role with her knowledge of vintage and modern Nintendo properties.

A not-so-secret whirlwind relationship emerged, and (if you haven’t seen already) we regularly share our love, devotion and adventures across all of our profiles. 

The intimacy brand KY even got in on the action with a collaboration from Paris!

I’m lucky enough to now be able to split my time between New York and Montreal with the love of my life.


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