Celebrating Father’s Day With A Great Breakfast With Family

I’m still getting used to this whole “being a father” thing. So much so that I almost have a sense of “imposter syndrome” when it comes to Father’s Day. My son is only two so all of the gifts he’s gotten me thus far are insanely adorable projects brought to life by my loving wife.

Over the last few months, we’ve grown to appreciate the minimalism in our lives, and focused on our time we spend together. With Sarabeth and I both working from home, we are able to be extremely flexible with our schedules and are able to be spontaneous with our time together and with Fox.

I’ve personally enjoyed waking up early with Fox over the last several months. He’s never been much of a sleeper. Although in all honesty, I never heard the end of my lack of interest in sleeping as a baby from my parents. We’ve made it a custom to fix breakfast together, brew a cup of coffee and get creative with our morning television. Fox has grown to love cereal, specifically Golden Grahams, so my favorite bowl has a tendency to just get rinsed each morning in preparation for the next day’s awakening.

This Father’s Day, I think we’re going to continue with our recent tradition. A bowl of Golden Grahams to split, prep some coffee for Mama, and find some funky foreign cartoon to weird out on as the sun comes up. There’s something magical about those early morning hours that make being a father for the first time that much more special.

Growing up, I always cherished alone time with my father, usually it took place in the early morning hours on Sundays, running out to the corner store for a Mountain Dew (I know) and a pack of baseball cards. I know Fox is still a bit young to remember these moments together, but I look forward to cherishing them for years to come.

And a special thank you to Golden Grahams for appreciating all fathers on this special day, and for the effort to recognize these little special moments that all add up in our children’s lives.

On that note, happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the irreplaceable moms in the world and a happy early Father’s Day to the dads who I know try their hardest to keep up with the ever unmatchable job that the women in our lives are able to pull off.


I almost forgot to mention what a great ingredient that Golden Grahams make. I’m sure there will be a late night this week where we have to dive into this s’mores candy bark. There’s nothing better than Golden Grahams and s’mores!

Cheers, Ty