Creating Healthy Sleep Routines for Children

Do you have a kid with FOMO (fear of missing out)? Well so do we. Anyone that has ever met Fox knows that he is a force of intense energy, a bundle of giggles and exhaustingly packed full of stamina. He is always the focus of attention (by design) and has an incredible ability to resist any urge to rest, even when he needs to get some good long sleep.

Often my wife and I will be up working or relaxing – and Fox will always, without a doubt, want to be right there with us no matter the time. He pleads to go to bed when we finally do. This has led to all sorts of strategies to get him on a proper schedule when it comes to sleeping at night. While Fox isn’t starting Kindergarten until next Fall, he regularly attends preschool, and gearing up for the back-to-school season permeates everything in our lives. Especially in New York – as the weather starts rapidly changing and the sun starts setting earlier and earlier, it’s crucial to solidify a healthy evening routine to maximize full and deep sleep every night.

But, Ladies and gentlemen… I think we have finally figured out how to get Fox into a steady and healthy sleep routine. The key is consistency. We’ve discovered that as long as Fox knows his regular schedule of evening events, his body and mind prepares for them each evening. We always start with a nice big dinner, which we started eating together at our dining room or sun room table. After dinner, Fox gets about an hour of play time, followed by a quick bath and into pajamas. This is the time that he rounds up his favorite stuffed animals and picks out a book to read in his new “big boy bed”.

Every night isn’t perfect – on days when Fox isn’t able to get plenty of exercise (like rainy or cold winter days), being persistent is key. Sometimes we’ll reset and try a new book or a made-up story.

Another helpful approach is to have Fox chew one Natrol Kids Melatonin gummy. Fox absolutely loves them, and the drug-free product helps him fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer when our busy schedule gets out of sync with his routine.

According to pediatrician and sleep expert Dr. Tanya Altmann, some other ways to help with healthy sleeping habits is to avoid stimulation like tv, games or tablets right before bed, keep the bedroom cool, dark and quiet, and avoid disruption during sleep.

We’ve managed to accomplish most of these, especially with getting him to sleep in his own bed (and away from baby Charlie waking him up several times per night). With the new school year approaching, it’s the perfect time to shift these late summer evenings into a routine that will benefit our entire family.

After Fox’s successful transition to better sleep and bedtime routines, my wife and I have begun to form some of our own, despite our hectic lifestyle. And when we’re wide awake from a little too much stimulation, the Natrol Melatonin is great to take for us adults who need a little assistance getting back in our routine.

Are your children on a sleep routine? Have you used Natrol Kids Melatonin occasionally help with healthy sleep schedules for your family?

Cheers, Ty

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