Exploring Summer in Los Angeles Through Sushi and Sapporo

Everyone knows that the best Japanese food in the country is in California. From fresh nigiri and hand rolls, to the classic cut rolls and miso soup, there’s nothing better than a Los Angeles summer and sushi. That is, if you don’t forget to order the Sapporo to wash it down with.

Since moving to Los Angeles from San Diego last year, I’ve been on a steady mission to find my favorite sushi spot in the city of angels. The only problem is that I’m having trouble even finding one I don’t enjoy thoroughly.

But there’s one thing that is constant throughout all of my raw fish excursions: a tall glass of Sapporo. There’s just something that feels so refreshing, being with friends and family in the warm Southern California sun, light bites and cold beer. Temperatures are expected to hit triple-digits this weekend, and I may have to try out my third new sushi restaurant in less than a week!

With such a diverse community and rich culture in LA, I am able to meet and experience such a wide swath of people, food, drinks, and customs. It’s something I instantly fell in love with after moving here.

Sapporo has launched a new contest titled “Uncover Sapporo”, a weekly social contest, with great prizes and a grand prize of a trip to Sapporo, Japan. This week’s contest is titled “Only in Your Town” which challenges you to show off something completely unique about where you live, something that only exists in your city.

For a film buff like me, being in the backyard of the history and culture of Hollywood is something that is truly unique to the city I now call home. For several months, our little family lived right on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, and it was a surreal experience every day, just even getting groceries. We smarted up a bit and now have a cute little home with a backyard (which was ultimately the better choice for a young family with a wild 2-year-old).



What makes your city one-of-a-kind? Do you have something amazing to share? If so, visit Uncover Sapporo and you could be on your way to Japan soon!

Cheers, Ty