Father’s Day Grooming Gift Idea and a Bit of “Dadvice”

Tynology - Baxter

Obviously I’ve discussed a lot of options for Father’s Day gifts recently. Some straightforward, and some outside the box a bit. Today, I’m discussing something that literally every man needs in his life. High quality facial care products, specifically regarding shaving.

A few weeks ago, I discussed Baxter of California’s excellent personal hygiene products (specifically their haircare and deodorant). Today, I’m all about their shaving products.Tynology - Baxter

Baxter of California not only produces some amazing products for high end styling and grooming, but the image the company gives off is nothing short of hip and modern. From high quality packaging to quality gels, tonics and creams, they have managed to pull off a unique look in a category saturated by mid-range and boring products.

Father’s Day is more than just celebrating being a father, it encompasses all of the work that being a true man of society entails. I am well aware that it pales in comparison to the effort the women in our lives put in day after day, but there’s something to be said for representing the male species in an admirable way. One important aspect is your image and style. Luckily, these traits can be learned (for the most part). The easiest and most imprinted way is from advice from your own father.Tynology - Baxter

There’s one piece of “Dadvice” that has always stuck with me, something he told me about 15 years ago. He asked me to go buy something on the fly in preparation for a now-forgotten event. I explained that I didn’t have any money to buy said item. He sat me down, and said that a man should always, always have a $100 bill in his wallet at all times. Not only will it allow you to be prepared for anything at all times (socially and/or financially), but it conveys a certain image and style that shows you have foresight and dependability in these situations. With that advice, he handed me a crisp bill, and I’ve always kept one in my wallet ever since.Tynology - Baxter

If you father or husband appreciates proper style and image, a gift set from Baxter is the perfect starter kit for taking his daily grooming to the next level. I suggest (as pictured) the Shave Duo kit – which includes an after shave balm and shave tonic, as well as the Super Close Shave Formula, an easy glide hydrating shave cream. Pair with a high quality razor and your man will never have an excuse to not be as smooth as butter.

Happy early Father’s Day to all the men out there, and be sure to appreciate the advice you were given by your father!

Cheers, Ty