Why You Should Know About National “Take Your Cat on an Adventure” Day

Tynology - Purina

June 15th. That’s the big day. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s National “Take Your Cat on Adventure” Day. The funny thing is, we inadvertently celebrated a bit early (with Peter at least).

If you’ve been following along either on the site or via various social media networks, you’ll know that we just moved from San Diego to Los Angeles this week. We still have some overlap with our old place, so we’ve temporarily split up our feline family and decided to bring our cat Peter up on moving day.

Tynology - Purina

To say that he went on adventure is an understatement.

Peter doesn’t love riding in cars, but he actually faired very well for the 2.5 hour trip up Interstate 5. We had one little accident, and had an impromptu trip into the Petco bathroom, which he was thrilled about.

Now that the adventure is over and we’re settling into our new place in Hollywood, we wanted to make sure our little animals get the quality of food and nutrition a famous cat like Peter deserves. Peter is thrilled to be in his new home, and we’ve been excitedly setting everything up for him to explore.

Tynology - Purina

We’re planning a little outing in our immediate area to celebrate “Take Your Cat on Adventure” Day on June 15th and advise you to as well! These guys spend so much time indoors, taking them on a safe outdoor adventure will literally make their day. Even if you can’t make it a true adventure, be sure to do something special, from a new catnip-laced toy to healthy and quality food to feed them.

Tynology - Purina

We just started Peter on Purina Pro Plan Adult cat food after a visit to Purina’s My Plan questionnaire to find out his (and our) ideal cat food. Purina’s Pro Plan foods are high in protein and have been developed with the help of over 400 scientists to ensure ideal nutrition.

So what are you and your cat doing on June 15th?

Cheers, Ty