My Favorite Switch Lite Grip and Case

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Now I thought long and hard about my first video, and figured I would start with something easy, something that I use every day. My go-to Switch Lite grip and case.

Let me start by saying that I know everyone and their brother recommends the Satisfye Switch grips. They look to be ideal for comfort and ergonomics and sponsoring people like me (nod). But my situation was a bit unique.

Within the first 30 minutes of playing my Switch Lite, I knew I needed some kind of grip. My hands were achy and sore. Now I split my time between the office and home, so nearly all of my gaming time is in handheld mode – which is why I got a Lite in the first place. But my sessions are rarely more than half an hour or so. Between family, kids, work, my “isolated” time to enjoy games gets smaller and smaller every day. That’s why I wanted something that wasn’t super bulky, and could travel easily. Plus I wanted it to look “original” – not like a Gameboy stacked with all the attachments that I had when I was 6 years old. I knew I would be giving up some comfort, but if I’m going to sit for an extended session, I’ll just prop up the console and use a Pro Controller, or steal my son’s regular switch like a normal dad.

So after digging long and hard, I opted for the Orzly grip, a clean, small, minimal grip, perfectly color-matched to my gray Switch Lite. And I absolutely love it. It’s small, thin, sturdy, and looks like it could have been produced by Nintendo themselves. Now, sure, the grips could be bigger, but I have found that using it for an hour or more gives me just enough relief and comfort and it barely increases the size of the Switch.

Let me emphasize how perfect the color match is on this. Even the texture is similar to the Switch’s plastic shell. They have color-matched versions for the grey, the turquoise, the yellow, and even the Pokemon Sword & Shield edition, but oddly the coral version comes in a fabulous hot pink hue. They also have a black one which is surprisingly popular based on the Amazon reviews. Which, I have to say on the accessories bundle listing is coming in hot at 4.8 out of 5 stars with nearly 2000 reviews.

Another awesome feature is that it has a built-in kickstand that works even better than the full-size Switch, as it’s located in the middle of the back of the case. Unfortunately, it’s not adjustable and still feels a bit flimsy when pressure is put on it, but it’s something that I see as a minor drawback.

I paired the grip with the ProCase hardshell case, which is an extremely generic thick hard shell carrying case. It came with a screen protector that lasted one day before I ripped it off. It’s not a particularly pretty case, and I see that Orzly is now offering a color-matched hardshell case with their grip bundle, which seems like a pretty cool. If I didn’t have the gray console.

The last thing I want to mention is the thumbstick covers, that I did not use for months initially. I typically despise little junk accessories like these, but I found my white thumbsticks on my Switch Lite getting particularly “mucky” after using it for a couple months, and I cared deeply about this little console so I wanted to make sure the white bits stayed white for as long as possible. I grabbed the smallest ones that came with the grip and fitted them over the top. I wish there weren’t directional arrows embossed on the front, as the covers have a tendency to spin around after using them for a while. It doesn’t affect gameplay but seeing the arrows all askew really grinds my gears for no reason in particular. They don’t add function, and technically the arrows are always pointing in an available direction, it is a pointless irritation.

Another issue that is pretty universal with grip cases is that I’m not able to attach one of those bluetooth adapters for wireless headphones. Not a huge deal for me, but worth noting.

So what do you think? Have you heard of or tried the Orzly grip? What do you use on your Switch Lite? Do you even have a Switch Lite? Why are you watching this?

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Thanks for watching!

Cheers, Ty