Protecting Yourself Against The Dark Side of the Beautiful Game with Storelli

Soccer is an exciting and exhilarating game. Not only to watch, but to play as well. But soccer does have a dark side: injuries. Specifically skin abrasions and leg injuries. Performance brand Storelli has a great blog on their site with information and prevention for turf rash.

Tynology - Storelli


Growing up as an athlete, specifically playing soccer, I always remembered the nights after practices and games being unable to sleep from the tender skin that was burned from sliding and tacking.

Just a few days ago, my wife, son and I picked up and moved up the coast from San Diego to Hollywood. Even though we’re now in an urban environment, the options for pickup soccer games and regular exercise are numerous.

Tynology - Storelli Tynology - Storelli

It was a perfect time to try on my brand new Storelli Bodyshield Field Player Slider shorts and Bodyshield Leg Sleeves before hitting the field again. Even though my little man is too young to start playing soccer, Storelli offers their products for men, women and youth, so even small athletes can get the added protection of Bodyshield products.

Tynology - Storelli Tynology - Storelli

The Field Player Sliders fit perfectly snug, providing support, compression, and protection in just the right areas. The Leg Sleeves provide space for shin guards and even add extra protection to the outer calf and shin area.

Tynology - Storelli

Storelli has recently signed Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas and Chelsea FC player Oscar as global ambassadors the brand. I’ve been a big fan of performance gear for years now, and discovered that Storelli is the only brand dedicated to injury-preventing performance gear for all ages of soccer players.

If anyone in your household is a young (or old) soccer phenom, look no further than Storelli for performance and protection out of your gear. Be sure to use the discount code “BURN15”.

Cheers, Ty