Quality Nutrition for My Quality Cats – Even if They Are Ridiculous

Tynology - Hills Science Diet

Now that my son is nearing three years old (WHATT?!) – I find myself mixing up his increasing abilities and comprehension with that of our seemingly immortal felines. I know that our cats can see pretty sufficiently in the dark, and often assume that our son can as well, until I hear the “DARK!” yelp from the bedroom. On the other side, I find myself trying to use 3-year-old human logic and reason to explain to our cats why judo kicking litter into the kitchen is a NO NO. It still hasn’t worked.

Obviously we love our cats – Peter, the oldest has been with my wife for longer than I’ve known her. Sweet Dee (yes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame) is as curious as they come, and loves to yell “mama!” to anyone that will give her some love.

My wife and I (and by proxy, my son) have been on a journey to improve our eating habits. Less sugar, less fat, more natural ingredients, and adding some focus to our diet to ensure that the nutrients we’re putting into our bodies are worthy of what we hope to get out of our own lives.

We made the next logical step to ensure that our furry companions get the same care when it comes to their food. I often am in charge of picking up groceries, and for a period of time, I would opt for discount cat food. It seemed like a coincidence when we would wake up to coughed-up food and hairballs all over our floor, but it took one trip to the veterinarian before we realized that it was likely the food we were feeding our cats that was causing the issues.

Sure enough, as soon as we switched to Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Cat Food, the “surprises” quickly became a thing of the past. It may just be an observation, but our cats get excited to eat, have more energy and even have better litter habits since switching to the higher-quality cat food.

My son may still not be able to see in the dark, but our little cat babies seem to be enjoying their upgraded culinary experience inside the McElhaney household.

Cheers, Ty






Oh! And if you’re a “dog person” – Hill’s has a line of excellent dog food as well.