Staying Ridiculously Hydrated Through This Summer

It’s been hot in Los Angeles. And not, like, “I just don’t want to go outside” hot. It’s been a hot that feels like the core of the earth is slowly eating through the surface and melting us from the inside. This “heat wave” just so happened to coincide with my commitment to start working out again.

I’m starting small, just a few dozen push-ups and sit-ups a day until I get back into my rhythm. But this heat has really taken a toll on our supply of quality water in the house, especially since I have a tendency to drink about the same daily quantity as a small cow. Fun fact, did you know the cow drinks the most water per pound than any other mammal? *the more you know…

I couldn’t help but feel like the universe aligned on August 21st, 2017 when a magical package of FIJI Water arrived on my doorstep. No, the solar eclipse was secondary in celestial coincidences on that day – we only had 70% occlusion, pshh.

I’ll admit right away that I’m a picky water drinker – not like my bovine brethren. I can tell when a bottle of water has been over-processed or has too many artificial “enhancements”. I can confidently say that I’m a water purist if there is such a thing. I can whole-heartedly admit that I go for FIJI Water at every chance I have when shopping or on a road trip.

But now there is a ridiculously easy way to stay ridiculously hydrated with great water. FIJI Water has started a service that delivers the most amazing bottled water right to your door, every month. I am horrible about buying water in quantity because the process SUCKS. Hip tossing a case of water into your shopping cart feels like it should be part of the lumberjack games – or worse, trying to Spider-Man your leg to stabilize your shopping cart while manipulating a 24-pack into the under-tray of your cart while toddlers side-eye you can be awkwardly humiliating.

I go shopping as minimally as I can, and I’ve experienced these frustrating occurrences more times than I’d like to admit. Do yourself (and your dignity) a favor and try out the FIJI Water Home Delivery.

Now would be a good time to explain that FIJI Water tastes so ridiculously good because it’s sourced straight from the island of Fiji, untouched by man. It even filters through layers of volcanic rock in a tropical paradise and collects natural minerals and electrolytes in the process.

I often tell my wife that I was filtered through layers of volcanic rock but she never believes me.

Last but not least, you can choose from various bottle sizes to find the perfect fit. Free shipping and extra savings for subscribing monthly only top it off.

Cheers, Ty