Data And A Movie with Walmart Family Mobile Plus!

Data and a Movie with Walmart Family Mobile Plus

I am tough on phones. I’m constantly on the move, and I always keep my phone in a pocket of my (skinny) jeans. Sitting, standing, phone in and out, all day long. I replaced the screen on my last phone literally four times in less than a year because of the beating I put it through.

So when it came time to separate my family’s phone from our previous overpriced corporate plan, I was on the hunt for a plan that could give me three things: value, versatility, and unique bonuses. Plus, I needed to make sure I could get a cool new phone without breaking the bank.

Being in and out of the house constantly, I depend on a strong 4G LTE service, as I can rarely connect to wi-fi for data transfer. Between constant emails, tech news updates, video and photo transfers, and music streaming, I can’t risk putting my wife and I on an inferior plan or network. I was tired of constantly monitoring our data usage, hoping that using our data plan wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg in overage charges when the bill arrived.DSC06771

In came Walmart’s brand new Family Mobile Plus plan and phones. Walmart partnered with T-Mobile to provide a unique new service that combines the power and pricing of traditional contract cell phone plans, with the ease and flexibility of a pay-as-you-go system. The Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan gives me unlimited data transfer (and up to 10GB of 4G LTE data service per line), and a blazing fast network no matter where I am in the county, for only $49.88 per line (with discounts for additional phones).Walmart Family Mobile Plus - Tynology

I was able to walk into my nearest Walmart and walk away with a dazzling new Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android smartphone and a starter pack (sim card) to activate my slick new hardware. Within 10 minutes, I had my new phone up and running, and even activated. I have never had an activation process occur so quickly (and I was able to do it all online without having to speak to anyone).DSC06774

The benefits of the entire package are almost too many to list. I have a brand new, beautiful 5″ Samsung phone, which only cost me $99, a great network at a great price ($49.88 for unlimited text, talk and data), and to cap it all off, for each month of service, Walmart sends me a free movie credit to watch through its VUDU service (a $7 value). What really makes this special is that the movies can be redeemed and watched from any device that has access to the VUDU service. My wife and I are notorious late-night movie watchers, so having a free movie (or two) every month really allows us to relax, break out the popcorn and enjoy a new release on our smart TV.

Data and a Movie with Walmart Family Mobile PlusI keep finding myself just playing around with my new Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. The screen is bright and clear (and bigger than any phone I’ve had previously), its memory can be expanded by adding an SD card, and the performance blows me away for a phone that I was able to buy outright for less than $100. A replacement (or even a backup) is more than affordable should I end up being as rough as I have notoriously been on phones in the past. I’ve loaded all of the popular 3D games since purchasing the phone, and the device hasn’t even flinched in providing smooth HD graphics and response time. In the week that I’ve had my new phone, it has passed all of my tests with flying colors. No scratches, dings or dents, and it still can fit comfortably in the pocket of my jeans.DSC06794

As our family goes through so many changes in 2016, it’s nice to know that stressing about our cell phone plan details every month isn’t going to be the distraction that it has in the past, allowing us to concentrate on more important things (like which free movie we’re going to watch this month)!
Data and a Movie with Walmart Family Mobile Plus

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

Cheers, Ty