One App and One Click That Made My MacBook Like New

For over two decades, I fancied myself a computer tinkerer. I would take apart my computers, rebuild them, mess around with the software in attempts to make it do things it wasn’t originally designed to do. Those were the days that I had hours and hours of spare time to just mess around and if I broke everything, I had virtually unlimited time to start over from scratch.

But nowadays, it’s a totally different story. I don’t have time to dig around system folders and caches, searching for junk files or tinkering with running processes to see which are memory hogs. That’s what I use CleanMyMac X for. This gorgeous app handles all of the backend heavy-lifting on my MacBook.

It all starts up in the beautiful home screen and a quick and easy scan for “cleanup”, “protection” and “speed”, the three things most Mac users need most. The Cleanup tool searches for junk and duplicate files taking up valuable hard drive space – and with only 256gb of storage, I need every last byte of it. The Protection tool searches for vulnerabilities on your system that could affect your personal information or data and neutralizes them. Lastly the Speed tool frees up ram, flushes caches and maximizes efficiency of how your Mac operates.

These tools make you Mac as good as new, and wraps it all together in a sleek modern and minimal interface. It operates quickly and without any kind of nagging or ambiguity.


I’m always shocked by the sheer number of requests I get from family and friends to help them get the junk off of their computers. When I see what some of these people put their computers through, I’m not surprised by the complaints of slow-down or full storage. But now, 1 app and 1 click can get them back good as new. It’s now the first app I install on any new Mac and always my first recommendation to anyone setting up a new computer – especially if they’re not as technically inclined as I may be.

But there’s one feature that may be my favorite overall. After running your first scan with CleanMyMac X, it puts a little icon in your OSX dock, that provides a real-time snapshot of your computer’s vitals. Available storage, memory (ram) usage with a button to free up for an instant speed boost, a battery status indicator with a notice of which applications are draining the most, a trash can monitor, CPU monitor with usage graph and temperature reading, a network status monitor with a speed test, and lastly, a Dropbox space monitor window. Whew.

Literally everything I need to know about the current state of my Mac in one beautiful, minimal drawer, always accessible with the click of a button.

If your Mac is acting sluggish, or you constantly find yourself running out of storage for files, just do yourself a favor and click here to automatically download CleanMyMac X and get back to that feeling of a fresh, clean and new Mac.

Cheers, Ty