Our Growing Family is Healthier from One Huge Change – Primo Water Dispensers

Ever since moving to New York, there’s been one thing that I noticed on a daily basis: the tap water tastes…different. After a bit of research into the subject and learning about how our 80-year-old home’s pipes can introduce dangerous contaminants into our tap water, I decided it was time to make some changes. Not only did Fox utilize our tap for filling his water bottle and cups during the day, but we have a newborn in the house and should we ever need to give him a bottle, the last thing I want to use is less-than-perfect tap water.

Over the weekend, I received a Primo® First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser, and to be honest, it has completely changed the way we drink water. I dropped by my local grocery store and picked up a 5 gallon bottle of fresh purified Primo water and set up the dispenser in minutes (3 gallon bottles are also available for purchase- both the 5 & 3 gallon water bottle sold separately at a retailer near you). No tools, plumbing or installation required, I even moved it to a couple different locations before deciding on a spot in the kitchen that was ideal. I popped open the top of the bottle, pushed it into the dispenser cabinet, plugged it in and let it do its thing.

The design of the unit is slick, minimal and effective. The buttons are touch-sensitive, and thankfully, the piping-hot water dispenser has a child-resistant safety feature to prevent nosey toddlers like Fox from accidentally dispensing the hot water. He gets a kick out of getting himself a cup of water after school each day, and loves to share the process for dispensing, “first I touch the snowflake, then I hold the water drop until the cup is full.” The device has the ability to supply hot, cold and warm (98.6-104 degree) water, the warm water being specifically designed for mixing baby formula, which is perfect because moms can get formula mixed up quickly and efficiently for a fussy, hungry baby! The dispenser even has a LED night light to keep you out of the dark during late night feedings.

I was shocked to see that nearly every grocery store in our immediate area has Primo bottle exchange or refill stations! Getting a new bottle is quick and painless, and now a normal part of my grocery shopping duties. In fact, Primo is the only brand that offers home dispensers and bulk water exchange or refill service.

Perhaps the biggest change in our lives since welcoming the Primo First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser into our lives is the volume of water we’ve been consuming as a family. It feels good to see the 5 gallon bottle be drained so quickly as experts and doctors increasingly iterate the value and health benefits to increased water consumption. We have found ourselves drinking more water instead of soda on a nightly basis and I’ve found more and more uses for the dispenser in our day to day lives. Plus, not only are we drinking water in general, but the Primo water we’re consuming is safe, and great-tasting.

One benefit I least expected is that the device has a nightlight feature that provides a soft cool-toned ambience for the midnight feedings of our newborn. Another huge bonus is that our coffee and tea tastes noticeably better due to clean, sanitized water. In fact, the Primo has a built in sanitizer that regularly boils the water in the warm reservoir to ensure quality of the already pristine water.

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to boost your family’s healthy habits and also increase your fresh water consumption, be sure to look into a Primo water dispenser at, or if you’re expecting a new little one, be sure to add one to your baby registry as it will provide peace of mind whenever its time for feeding. Everyone should have access to safe, great-tasting Primo® water, and the First Steps Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser will grow with your family’s needs.

Cheers, Ty