Special Time with the New Big Brother (on Clean Floors)

It’s been quite a crazy busy week in our household. The biggest change was that we welcomed our newest bundle of joy recently, and have been getting our whole family accustomed to being a fearsome foursome.

Before baby Charlie arrived, I spent just about a full month cleaning, re-cleaning, and deep scrubbing our entire home in preparation. One area that is always a breeze is our hardwood floors. With the Bona Premium Spray Mop, I get spotless clean floors in a fraction of the time that it used to take to lug out the mop and bucket, mix some cleaner, etc.

With all of the big changes around the house, we knew it was important to make sure that our oldest son, Fox, knew how much he means to us, despite the time commitment to the newest little one. He’s been handing everything like a champ, overly eager to help out with his baby brother, and flexible with all of the changes that have been taking place around here. By saving time cleaning the floors with our new Bona Premium Spray Mop, I’ve been able to spend time at home, and we’ve spent countless hours prepping meals, playing tag, and getting creative.

I have to admit that the deep cleaning has fallen a bit by the wayside in the last couple days, but one thing hasn’t – I’ve been able to clean our hardwood floors a couple times already. No concern about plopping down on the floor to make an all new mess. In minutes, any mess we made with our crafts is clean again thanks to the Bona Premium Spray Mop.

Best of all, I get to spend more quality time with my boy and share fun and special moments together and with the family. We’ve never been closer, and our home’s hardwood floors have never been cleaner.

Cheers, Ty