Photographing Iceland

If you follow me or my wife on social media, you likely saw photos of our recent trip to Iceland. We put together this trip as the ultimate road trip through a country that has largely remained untouched by humans. We timed the trip to coincide with the northern lights to be on display but the weather never quite cooperated with us to get more than a passing glance of the aurora. We arrived in Reykjavik and made our way around the Golden Circle, and eventually found our way down the southern end of Iceland before turning around and heading back to the capital. Over the course of our trip we stayed in a variety of traditional hotels, Airbnb rentals and guesthouses. Fox was a trooper and absolutely loved the ability to explore nature in a whole new way. Quite a difference from his home in Hollywood. I brought along my Sony A6000 to document some of the sights we experienced.dsc06715 dsc06736 dsc06738 dsc06740 dsc06777 dsc06782 dsc06788 dsc06792 dsc06801 dsc06840 dsc06842 dsc06868 dsc06878 dsc06930 dsc06962 dsc06969 dsc07052 dsc07105 dsc07171 dsc07175 dsc07208 dsc07245 dsc07286 dsc07300 dsc07305 dsc07376 dsc07382 dsc07415 dsc07455 dsc07519


What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?

Cheers, Ty