Simplifying Your Taxes Doesn’t Have to Be Such a Chore

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Taxes are no joke. From figuring out what form you’re supposed to submit, what to deduct, what documents you need, etc. It’s overwhelming.

I got my first job right when I turned 18 and still in high school. I sold video games in the mall. It was a perfect starter job, but when time came to file my taxes, I suddenly felt like I was halfway through a game of Halo on Legendary difficulty.

Tynology - Taxslayer

I spent hours researching exactly what needed to be submitted, what to keep copies of, and by the end of the whole process, I was more lost than when I started. I enlisted help and eventually got it all sorted and filed, but it was traumatizing to say the least. Manually doing your taxes is not for the faint of heart.

It only gets more complicated as you get older, whether you become self-employed, get married, have children, etc. I’m lucky enough to fall under all three of those categories. I haven’t tried to file my taxes without help ever since my first job, and I’m not about to start now. But who do you to turn to? That’s where TaxSlayer comes in. Filing your taxes with TaxSlayer makes each step easy and helps to unravel the complex web that is income tax.

Tynology - Taxslayer

One of my biggest concerns is leaving money on the table by simply not knowing what I’m doing. With TaxSlayer, there’s no more worry, because the system asks you the right questions, knows what’s possible and what’s not, and even guarantees the maximum refund for you.

Tynology - Taxslayer

I haven’t gotten to the best part. Filing a basic national basic return is completely free. If you have a more complicated situation like I do, TaxSlayer will walk you through which program will be best for you and even offers to have the fee deducted from your return, which means no money out of pocket.

Tynology - Taxslayer

The scariest part of taxes is the feeling like you’re all alone. With included free email and live phone support, you can get real-time advice as you need it. But you won’t even need it, will you? You rock star.

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