The First Thing I Notice When Walking Into Our Home Now

I talk a lot about shortcuts to getting your house together for guests after being slammed busy (like we always seem to be). From closing off areas of the house not crucial to your guests to focusing on tasks that will have the most impact, there’s a lot of little tricks to getting a lot done in a short amount of time. And I’m back today for one more quick tip that is a go-to for us no matter what the occasion.

My wife has always been extremely fond of pleasant scents wherever we are. Her nose is sharp, and she can pick up on the faintest of smells from a distance. Her keen sense of smell has strengthened my nose to the fine nuance of pleasant aromas, and the joy of entering a room or home that has a clean, fresh smell.

That’s where the new Febreze Plugs pack from Sam’s Club comes in. With these two plugs and four refills, we have six full months of bright, fresh air in any room of our home. No spraying or spritzing, no hassle to light candles or constant replacing. Each pack lasts 45 days and can be easily moved from room to room. While others may fade fast*, these bad boys last a whopping 1200 hours on the low setting.

Our home has a “cozy” room and a more styled room. For short get-togethers, we often use our less “lived in” room, but when we have family in town for several days, our family room gets the most use. It’s where the big television and other entertainment is, plus our large sectional sofa and carpeted floors. I always talk about never shooting photos in here, but I made an exception for this article, since it was this room that one Febreze Plug completely changed the ambiance in a matter of minutes after being plugged in.

We opted for the Linen & Sky scent, but others are available too: Mediterranean Lavender, Gain Original Scent, & Hawaiian Aloha. Best of all, I was in and out of Sam’s Club quickly and picked up six months of a bright and fresh home for only $14.95. Next time you’re in Sam’s, find the huge island with all of the Febreze Plug scents and add it to you list of supplies before guests come over.

Cheers, Ty